Jesus Ortiz : Illustrating a feeling

Jesuso Ortiz is unique illustrator from Malaga, Spain. He combines inanimate objects in his illustrations with vivid colors and a playful imagination. When I seen his work on instagram it gave me a story telling feeling that all ways has me ready to smile.

Jesus 1st Thank you for the chance to ask you a few questions. What inspired you to want to be an artist ?

Since I was very small I liked to draw and color. I do not remember what was the exact moment, I always remember having an artist inside me.

I have always liked all fields of art ... I remember how I was deluded by artistic skaters and trampoline jumps (for example) as well I liked music and painting very early on.

How long have been doing this style illustrating and what inspired the use of flowers and other objects ?

My style came up casually. I was doing photo montages with photoshop until one day I happened to use an illustration and put it in the photo.

So, little by little, I started using flowers and real objects to complete them with the drawing.

At times an idea can come from walking

down the street "

What would you say is your strongest skill and why ?

Well, I do not know what my strong point is, really. Thinking a little, can it be the ideas? or also the cleaning in my creations, I like to take care of even the smallest detail.

How is your creative process ?

It is very different between some creations and others. Sometimes I spend hours watching other artists and watching videos, painting until suddenly an idea comes up. At times

an idea can come from walking down the street or somewhere ...

Other times I work on an illustration and then I look for the way to complete it with an object or a flower. I have to do a longer research job.

Do you have your products in stores or is your products sold only online ?

I have my own online store where I sell my printed illustrations (

Although I also collaborate with other companies (like Pickmotion in Berlin) that sell some postcards with my illustrations.

Have you been given any good passable advice when you began your work. If so what was said ?

The best advice for me is to do what one LOVES. Everything that is made from love, will triumph for sure.

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