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Sinem Ertürk of green bee designs lives in Sindelfingen, Germany. She is a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, and creates beautiful photo collages. As a entrepreneur for over 8 years, Ertürk has grown as a person and has developed a strong sensitivity for her work and her clients. 

What originally made you want to become an graphic designer?

Honestly I never really thought about being a self employed graphic designer. I did like to create things, wether it was cloths or images, but I always thought about the graphic design business to be very stressful.

When my son war born and I raised him for the first years by myself, I felt that being self employed would be the only way to combine working and being there for him, the way I wanted to.

I am originally a fashion designer and programmer and media designer. So graphic- and webdesign was the result of putting together my skills. As for that, the decision  was not made very emotionally and I just did what I had to do. I did not dream about doing what I do today, but today I would say it was a dream that became true and I am very thankful for the work I offer.

"It is always about trusting in yourself and moving into the direction you want to; towards everything that tickles you in a positive way."

How would you describe your approach to design?

There a two ways I approach design. 

When it comes to more business and client related work it is important for me to get a very good and very detailed understanding. I take time and effort to really understand who my clients are, what moves them and what the message and foundation of their work is. I ask a lot of questions and do go about the process very structured. All my questions do have the purpose of getting a feel for my client.

The complete opposite is working on a collage. I want to be totally free and not influenced. I do not think about ideas, colours or themes. I just start somewhere and I am open for whatever happens.

These two ways are still leading to the same overall approach. Once I have the feeling I let myself be driven by the images that unfold in front of me. And I do keep working until I am happy to see what I have created :)

What would you say is your strongest skill and how have you developed that skill   over the years?

My strongest skill is my feeling. Even though this skill is given to me I had to develop and deepen it as well.

The source of this feeling is curiosity and interest.

Developing that skill was possible to me by being open to whoever was in front of me and telling me their business ideas, by being free in creativity and by being focused.

The beginning time is always magical to me. Knowing more about my clients and their projects makes my work so interesting to me.

The technical skills I developed are just supporting the strong feeling I have for my work.

You've had your business now for over eight years what challenges do you still face as a entrepreneur?

There is always something to learn. Looking back there is so much I have learned through my business, I even  got more personal insights about me and my character.

I tend to be a very careful person. So taking the next steps in growing can sometimes take a lot out of me. But I love the challenges.

It is always about trusting in yourself and moving into the direction you want to, towards everything that tickles you in a positive way.

You put effort in it and it will lead you somewhere new.

What are some favorite projects you’ve completed and why?

There is a lot of projects I like to look back to, also because I work so close with my clients. But of course there is a few that are outstanding to me.

I realise that the ones, I was free to do a collage artwork for my client, mean a lot to me. I secretly love to see my collages in oversize and I love the idea that people are spending time around my collages. For example the "Trees" collage I did for the mall in Sindelfingen.

What’s the best piece of advice you have heard ?

The best piece of advice was a mother`s advice and it was not meant in a business manner. When my son was a baby and we had some hard times with sleeping she said: „It is just a phase. So much will change. Enjoy every phase you are going through.“

I have always seen my business as my growing child. But this advice fit to all my life situations.

Wether you are having challenging times or everything goes well and feels easy, there will be a change eventually. This has made me look at things in a calmer way..

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