Jason Howard on Street Photography

Jason Howard is a street photographer, born in Hanau, Germany. He is currently living and working in Baltimore Maryland (USA). Jason has been a professional Chef for 25 years and in his spare time he has developed a passion for street photography. His street images shows his passion for structures and a linear perspective photography style.

I asked Jason a few questions about his work.

What inspires your work? 

An old friend of mine inspired me to take a look at the world differently, so i picked up a camera and just let the world speak to me. 

What does street photography mean to you?

Beauty in simplicity, I enjoy challenging the viewer to see the deeper beauty of every day things. 

What drew you to street photography?

The honesty of lines and structures. Most of them are solid and only to be qualified by numbers and measurements. Math is the ultimate form of honesty. 1+1 is 2 and nothing else.. So lines and structures will never move..The challenge is to see the beauty in them.

Would you say you are a planned or an instinctual street photographer?

Definitely instinctual. Though I do plan to go to areas where I take my pictures I never plan out what exact angle I choose.

What would you like people to take away from you photographs?

Understand that there is beauty in the simple things.. A tree, a street, a building. So just as in life.. Find the beauty around you.. Stop and look.. And you will find your angle.

What would you say to someone that has a interest or is inspired to pursue photography?

It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have or how limited you are its about how you look at things and what inspires you.

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