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Jesus Ortiz : Illustrating a feeling


Jesuso Ortiz is unique illustrator from Malaga, Spain. He combines inanimate objects in his illustrations with vivid colors and a playful imagination...


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How Artist JR Is Helping Connect Our Humanity Through Street Art



Since the first time I heard of this guy. He has amazed me with what he has done with pictures and with people.


Jannie Ho : As an Author and Illustrator


Jannie Ho is also known as Chicken Girl. Is an Author and Illustrator, born in Hong Kong raised in Philadelphia. Jannie studied at Parsons, The New School of Design ( New York ) earning a BFA in illustration. Now based out of Boston, MA (USA) Jannie creates these wonderful children books that...


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Poster Designs


A Poster Series designed by Yokoo. I really like her recent work. 



Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” 

― Helen Keller 

My Sister


Hello everyone it has been while since I have been online.

For a while I have been on PD Dialysis and recently I flew back to the USA to receive a kidney from my sister. The operation went well and it’s just healing time. 

To you Celeste, I admire you so much., the bravery, the heart, the dedication, the selfless act .

Real talk you are my hero and I will never forget that! 

Thank you so much!!



your brother

From Dream to Reality


Never doubt your ideas......

Unfold Your Thoughts


This post is a more personal post.

I was asked 2 questions, why it takes me so  long to post articles of interest and why I haven’t said anything about my illness on my site? Well both questions are connected , because of my illness I haven’t had the energy nor the focus to apply more than I have and I thought people did not really want to hear about an illness. I have been on dialysis for a year and 8 months

with the blessings of my sister donating her kidney. I may have a chance to live without a machine. February 2018 I am planning to have an operation for the kidney transplant. 

There is also a go fund set up by a friend to help me and my sister 

Please read and share. Any help would be appreciated 

Help Chris get a Kidney



Kimiko Nishimoto-Japanese Photographer


Kimiko Nishimoto is a name that has people smiling right now.

She's an 89-year-old Japanese photographer and she's been photographing and

editing her own pictures for the last 17 years.

Which says. Life is what you make it. Awesome

xst/Shawn Theodore : Street portraits tell a story


Shawn Theodore also known xST is an artist based in Philadelphia USA.

Shawn’s is well known for his street portraits. 

Along with taking the time to meet and speak to strangers on the street,.....


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Grated Daikon Radish Sculptures


When you want to inspire children and adults  to eat radishes.

Read the story about Masanori Kono's Grated Daikon Radish

One Sky


One Sky

On August 13, 2017, at precisely 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time, 

88 artists all over the world stopped what they were doing, looked up, and drew the sky.

What each artist saw was unique to the time, the weather, and the place.

The locations ranged from Tel Aviv to Brooklyn, Buenos Aires to rural Georgia.

(Click the link One Sky to see what the artist saw)



Hangry Funny Definition Print, Printable Kitchen Decor, Wall Art

The things people design and sell. HA!!

Neil Gaiman - Make Good Art


Go and make your own Rules

Go and make Mistakes

And Go and Make Good Art......



“ Some doors lead to amazing things. Some doors lead to...well, not much. But the more doors a person tried, the greater the chances are that those amazing things will be discovered. If you try once and succeed, you're amazingly lucky. If you try 1000 times and succeed, you've earned it. The only trick is to keep on trying until it happens.” 
― Doe Zantamata

Architecture Photography in a Playful Way                                        


Quirky Couple Travels Around the World to Playfully Interact with Architecture

This couple interact with architecture in such a creative way. 

Makes you want to go take that walk you keep planning : )


Young Explorers                                                                                      


Children are Awesome!!!!

Wild Combination created this series called Young Explorers , their short films about what happens when you allow kids who are very young—who have just learned to walk by themselves—to explore the world completely on their own.

Design Seeds                                                                                                                   


Design-Seeds is a great site and blog. If you are searching for inspiration in color.

This site truly shows you what is right in front of you.

Dr. Maya Angelou- Love Liberates                                                                            


Love opens you up to be free....


Sinem Ertürk: Craft and Creativity                                                                          


 Sinem Ertürk of green bee designs lives in Sindelfingen, Germany. She is a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, and creates beautiful photo collages......


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The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)                                                                          


What are you going to do today?


Klashwon: Life as an artist                                                                                            


Klashwon is a versatile illustrator and painter. Born and raised in New London, Connecticut. He packed his bags and moved to Brooklyn, New York (USA).....


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Jason Howard  on Street photography                                                                       


Jason Howard is a street photographer, born in Hanau, Germany. He is currently living and working in Baltimore Maryland (USA)....


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Reframe Yourself                                                                                                          


Hello, internet......

this is my first post on my site!!!!

I am bit excited and as well as super nervous. It feels like those times you just wanted people to like what you created or just being who you are and then at the same time you say forget that – it is about me being me. I created this site to showcase creative and passionate people in this world. I love this world, in spite of the sad and terrible acts people are doing in and to this world. I think it is more important to show there are so many people striving to do good acts and creating passionate pieces of work. With this site I hope I can contribute something positive and inspiring. 



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